The American tax code grants houses of worship and other nonprofits special tax-free status specifically because they work for the common good. The Johnson Amendment, which has been in the tax code for more than 60 years, protects the integrity of these tax-exempt organizations by ensuring they do not endorse or oppose political candidates. 

Here's why you should support the Johnson Amendment:

Political parties and candidates seeking power shouldn't use non-profits and houses of worship as tools and pressure them for endorsements. These tax-exempt organizations should focus on fostering community and fulfilling their charitable missions.

Changing current law to encourage churches and non-profits to endorse and oppose political candidates will deepen divides in our congregations, organizations, and our communities.


Under current law, churches, non-profits, and their leaders are already fully able to exercise their free speech. They speak on political and social issues all the time.


Americans don't want nonprofits in the business of endorsing or opposing political parties and candidates.