Key Letters Opposing Repeal or Weakening of the JOhnson AMendment:

November 2017 Letter from 104 Members of Congress

October 2017 Letter from Nearly 100 Members of Congress

"For decades, this policy has shielded our nation's charitable community against the rancor of partisan politics and allowed them to freely address humanitarian, social, and community-specific problems in a nonpartisan manner."


Letter From More Than 4,200 Faith Leaders

"As a leader in my religious community, I am strongly opposed to any effort to repeal or weaken current law that protects houses of worship from becoming centers of partisan politics. Changing the law would threaten the integrity and independence of houses of worship. We must not allow our sacred spaces to be transformed into spaces used to endorse or oppose political candidates."

Letter from 5,500 Non-Profit Organizations

"Nonpartisanship is a cornerstone principle that has strengthened the public’s trust of the charitable community. "                         

Letter from 103 Religious & Denominational Organizations

"The charitable sector, particularly houses of worship, should not become another cog in a political machine or another loophole in campaign finance laws."   

February 2017 Letter from 86 Non-Profit Organizations

"For more than 60 years, this rule . . . has helped maintain the integrity and autonomy of our religious and charitable sectors and preserve the boundary separating church and state."             


Letters On Specific Legislation

Letters Urging Congress to Keep Language Weakening the Johnson Amendment Out of the Appropriations Process. Read about the House's appropriations bill here.

July 12, 2017 Letter from 108 Charitable and Religious Groups to the House Appropriations Committee

"This provision would make it effectively impossible for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to enforce a long-standing federal law, sometimes referred to as the Johnson Amendment, insofar as it applies to houses of worship."

July 12, 2017 Letter from Americans United  to the House Appropriations Committee

"By creating unnecessary hurdles that would slow down and prevent investigations, this provision would essentially cripple enforcement of the Johnson Amendment insofar as it applies to houses of worship." 

July 12, 2017 Letter from 13 Secular Organizations to the House Appropriations Committee

"This provision compels the Internal Revenue Service to selectively enforce a long-standing federal law
known as the Johnson Amendment, effectively preventing the agency from investigating alleged violations by
houses of worship, while holding all other nonprofits accountable to the law.

June 29, 2017 Letter from 50 Charitable and Religious Groups to the House FSGG Subcommittee

"We firmly urge you to oppose including language that would weaken the law that prevents houses of worship from engaging in political endorsements."

Faith Leaders Can Now Join This Letter: